Not Your Typical Heroes

Chapter 1
A Bad Day For Goblins

Lostfern Goblins

Hróaar Wildhood and Crevan Delano each traveled to Lostfern Forest for their own reasons. While in search of local elves to accost, the two adventurers bumped into one another. After some brief confusion, they encountered a poorly executed goblin ambush. One decapitated goblin later, the two attempted to get away as they heard more approach. They then found themselves in the presence of a red drake with it's goblin master. Hróaar stunned the beast while Crevan saw to the hilariously messy end of the master. The dragonborn then quickly acted to tame the drake before they departed the clearing.

Vigilant Villagers

Upon arriving in Eld'rar Village, the two split apart from their initially awkward walk in the same direction. While Crevan visited the apothecary, Hróaar entered the armory. From there, Crevan went next door to the tailor's shop while Hróaar ventured back to the tavern. There he gained information and food, while Crevan had an astute young half-elf enchant his new belt. Following some socialization which included well wishes, a recommendation to find the Wizard, and a rumor about the Lord of the village, the two departed each establishment. Crevan, in particular, headed for the fields on the outskirts of the market.


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