Eld'rar Village

Though not particularly busy and not particularly large, Eld'rar Village makes up for those short-comings in how painfully ancient it truly is. Originally founded by wild elves who first ventured in and explored the deep recesses of trees. As they aggressively defended the surrounding forest from outsiders, they found themselves blessed by Melora. She gave unto them the means with which to start their civilization and created for them a wide clearing. This became the main dwelling area of Eld'rar Village.

Since it's creation, many different beings have moved in. Moon elves and sun elves alike have slowly gained the trust of the wood elves so as to settle in their territory. Drow elves still push forward from the darkest, deepest part of the Lostfern Forest. Despite this, the wood elves of Eld'rar live a rather peaceful life, keeping intense watch over the forest that houses them.

The Lord

From the beginning, there has been a Noble Council who work to oversee the goings-on in the village. Though it started as a barbaric group of strong leaders, it has since become a much more refined affair. The most well-to-do and well-spoken of the wood elves serve as council members, whose job it is to offer insight or advice on public matters. Every 30 years, a new Lord is elected from the Noble Council. This chosen official acts as leader or spokesperson on all diplomatic and community issues, ensuring order within the village.

The current Lord of Eld'rar Village is Vilu Tel'dras, a wealthy wood elf whose ancestors have resided in the village as far back as the blessing of Melora. Though he has moved the village farther from Melora's light and toward a new age of civilization via the goddess Erathis, he is an effectual leader and has earned himself a rather high approval rating.

Eld'rar Village

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